Did you know you one of the best ways to build your contact list is to offer a free song download in exchange for an email signup? With DropTrack, you can easily create an Email Download Gate to build your audience and get feedback on your music!

How To Create An Email Download Gate:

1. In your DropTrack account, visit the Offers page. 

Offers page 

2. Choose a unique shortlink for your offer, and select a playlist. If you don't already have a playlist, create one first. Create Offer 

3. Choose whether or not to require feedback on your music before allowing a download. If enabled, visitors will have to fill out this form: 

Provide Feedback 

4. You can now share your shortlink with the world to build your audience and get feedback on your music! 

5. When visitors click your link and try to download your music, they will be prompted for their contact information like this: 

Contact Information Prompt 

6. You'll be able to track unique activations and see the analytics from your Offers page: Activations and Analytics