When you use DropTrack for your digital music promotions, we can tell you detailed analytics about your audience and how they're engaging with your music. We'll tell you who has listened to your music, how far into your song(s) they listened, if they downloaded it, and more. 

When you start a campaign, you can:

  • Send personalized emails
  • Monitor real-time analytics and receive instant feedback
  • Send your music to one or many Contacts at once
  • Send music to a specific segment of your Contacts (Segment by activity or demographics)
  • Schedule your Campaign to be sent at a specific date/time
  • Protect your music with a password
  • Individually watermark your tracks to prevent leaks and piracy
  • Specify whether your music can be downloaded, and set an optional download limit
  • Optionally require your contacts to leave feedback before downloading your music
  • Set an expiration date
  • Visualize your Campaign activity on a map
  • Post positive feedback to Twitter

Note: You can also use DropTrack to send personalized emails without music. (Replaces your mailing list)

You can receive real-time email notifications when your Contacts:

  • Open your emails
  • View your promo Campaigns
  • Listen to your music
  • Download your music
  • Leave feedback on your music

Step 1 - Choose Music

Step 2 - Configure Settings

Step 3 - Design

Choose a Template or Design your Own (with custom HTML/CSS)

Step 4 - Choose Contacts

Send your music to specific Contact Lists, Smart Segments, or individual Email Addresses

Step 5 - Review and Schedule or Send

Get Started

To get started, login to your DropTrack account and choose New Campaign